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Why Important ?

Advantages of the website. Why is it important?


The growth of the company going to be a miracle if the question points of the potential customers will remain unanswered and if there is no effective information sharing. There will be no any demand if, except of the company itself, nobody knows what company does.

Let’s try to summarize in a few clauses the reasons of website importance:

- The main function is giving information
- Maximum cost/benefit ratio
- The advantage to promote business on the Internet
- Customer satisfaction analysis facilities
- The possibility of finding new customers
- Acceptability 7/24
- Dynamic and up-to-date information
- The possibility of enlarging the network connection
- Establish positive communication opportunities
- Contributing to business sustainability
- Contribute to increase sales
- Opportunity of propper promotion of the company from perceptual point of view

An argument; visual and textual insufficiency / imperfection of the website lead to negative impression of the value given to the business.

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