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What is "Logotype Design",attentions while creating a logotype?


Briefly logotype is the concentrated story of a brand described in the best way and consisting of graphical symbol, text or figures. It’s like a signature of a brand placed in subconscious.

Let’say that the brand equity is an substructure, logotype is a faucet and brand identity is a water. Brand identity would be as healthy and sustainable as a faucet is strong and tight enough to withstand strong pressure coming from a substructure.

Logotype should reflect the brand identity in the best way, should transfer the feelings properly and of course should have a power to express itself over many years despite the changing World. The choice of logotype subject must be approached with high responsibility. Company logo with low awareness level should be replaced with a proper logo if it does not reflects the brand equity. However, fundamental logo changes of strong brands are not acceptable in the customer’s mind. The only thing to do is rebranding ( restructuring of the brand); the outline of the logo remains the same with small changes. There should not be any savings in terms of design and operation of logotype. If you would save about it and will make a cheap logotype design you will damage your image, identity and position of the brand as well, you will cheapen it. It’s not a right behavior for big and worthy companies.

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