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Why Important ?

What is "Brand Name", what should be in attention while finding a name?


Things to be considered for the brand name!

Name should be:

Have a harmonious pronunciation
Catcthy (being short is advantage)
If you are export oriented need to investigate the meaning of the name in other languages 
Similarity with other brands.

Among with these factors you need to pay attention also to such factors like availability on the internet, domain name and trademark patent as well. If all necessary phases will not proceed healthy, loss of time and cost is going to be unavoidable. Keep in mind that the brand name is the reflection of your company.

Let’s give a perceptual example; It’s very hard and it will take more time than usual to describe, remind and to fix the work done by the company if the company have an “agricultural product“ under the name of HIGHWAY. Except of if there is no any special created concept of course.

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