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Why Important ?

What is Brand Positioning, why is it important?

Marka Konumlandırma

Positioning, coming from French revolution, industrialization and competiton is guiding the marketing and still acceptable. It can be defined as a certain place in the mind of a product, service, company, organization or just a person. The definition of a “Brand” is almost the same, because positioning is considered as a first stage of a brand coming out from combination with “brand identity” dynamics.

There is no direct link between positioning and a product. The relevance is indirect. Product shows it’s presence by the physical effects. On the other hand positioning represents the place in the potential customers mind. All the amendmnets of the product mostly affect the positioning of the product and not the product itself. Analysis should be done, segmentation should be determined and the the easiest position to enter in the mind of audience should be determined for brand positioning.

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