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Graphic design

Our target is “to create a trend” rather than follow trend necessity. We try to strengthen obtained place of products, services or companies in minds. How do we do this? We do it with Visual and Textual editings after creating brand name and slogan builded on brand perception base.

We offer more than what the world wants, we set apart from “others”.



Corporate identity is created within certain limits, closed for periodical changes and it is the face/identity describing the stance of the company. Visual design ( colors, graphic elements) and carefully prepared corporate brand book are two important elements which are going to complete the corporate identity formation. Corporate brand book; begins with emblem ( logotype) bearing the touchstone feature of the company and contains explanations of how and in which measures to use all the materials inside and outside of the company from staff uniforms to website, certificate design to packaging design and etc.



Briefly logotype is the concentrated story of a brand described in the best way and consisting of graphical symbol, text or figures. It’s like a signature of a brand placed in subconscious. It’s important to reflect the company or field stance in the best way, to be able to transmit the sence and to have the power to express itself for many years. In order to continue to represent the company in the right way, created logotype should be completed in the framework of many rules.
There is no nedd for logotype changes if the logotype design prepared by professional team considering related field, mass, company profile and etc. Thus company/brand consistency will be protected and will be prevented from new logotype design costs. Logotype designs need to be renewed in a short time in case if it’s not prepared by professionals. It’s look like the company regularly changing the staff.



Catalogues and brochures giving information about the product or service to a potential customer. It’s a non-personal sales communacation ensure purchasing of some product or service. Prepared ad need to be appealed to everyone or private sector, to be catchy apart from similars, to provide necessary information about product/service and in the same time need to convey all of these things with a strong visual support. The most important feature of visual perception is saving data into memory and Show us records again when it’s necessary. It’s the principle of “ iteration” in advertising. Acceptance of design as professional, idea of the ad and variety of feeling arised from this idea are also important very important points. Image or advertorial style marketing ads of large companies will not create the expected impact for small businesses.



One of the means of communication, is a mascot design prepared for company / brand. We can imagine mascot design as revitalized form of company or brand. Mascots can be drawn as 2D or 3D, and can be utilized as animation, concept, ad an deven as wallpaper. Usually this strong character prepared and introduced with a story related to company or product is going to reflect the company profile for planned campaigns or advertisings. Mascot can be dynamic, handsome, beautiful, lovely, charismatic and so on. You are not going to face with possible problems which may arise from the agreement you are going to make with a celebrity if you use mascot, because mascot is now yours. If the “character” is sympathetic for audience so the product is going to be sympathetic as well. Because “product” is integrated with “character”.

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