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Web design, is the possibility for users to access all the data like pictures, descriptions, prices, contact info and ets. at any time of the day. In the same time it’s the office, factory, plant shortly it’s the online face of the company. Web design is very important in terms of time, prestige and sense of trust and confidence.

Although it seems to be included in the graphic design field the infrastructure is different. It’s required to master subjects like interface design compatible with corporate structure, users behavior during website surfing, continuously updated codes, software information and search engine optimizations. In Must be user, company and search engine friendly in terms of design and software .

Divided in two groups as static and dynamic concepts and these groups also have a variety of categories. E-commerce, allows online and in distance “trade”. Is the process of selling products added by admin panel via bank collection interface. Users get their products or services without any effort.

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